Been doing this on Fridays: 

I just produced a story told by my old friend, Matt Fleming. It's a really great piece called "The Move" about his journey from Chicago to North Carolina (by way of Pittsburgh and Bar Harbor). We entered it in the Audio Under The Stars festival. Listen to it here

For the past few months I've been assembling a junk gamelan ensemble, consisting of ten flat, steel bars of varying length and thickness; five solid steel bars; six steel tubes; a collection of seven pieces of re-bar mounted in 2x4s; 12 tin cans; two wooden xylophones; a toy piano; a frame drum; a discarded snare and tom drum from two different kits; and another random hippie drum. All of these are struck with different mallets which I constructed: rubber, hard wood, soft wood, steel. Needless to say, the tunings are all over the place. It was all for Randy Baker's re-imaginging of "Midsummer Night's Dream" as an Indonesian shadow puppet show. Check out the result here.

Sarah Ruhl's STAGE KISS opens tonight at Round House Theatre in Bethesda, MD. I made the sound design and wrote 3 songs for the play. 

My Tiny Dance Film collaborator, choreographer Peter Kyle, traveled to Guangzhou China this month to take part in the Guangdong Dance Festival. During the festival, seven Tiny Dance Film kiosks are installed in the lobby of the Garden Hotel in downtown Guangzhou. Yesterday Peter shot a new film at the Guangdong Modern Dance Company's studios and today I wrote a score for it. The film premieres today in Guangzhou! The Tiny Dance Film installation will reside at the Guangzhou Book Center until December 22.

The UMO Ensemble's production of FAIL BETTER in New York last week was a pretty incredible experience. After fighting and finagling with the NY Fringe Festival and their attendant incompetence, the show was presented in the parking lot behind Clemente Soto Velez Center on Suffolk Street. This circumstance turned into a really amazing performance in an uncannily fitting venue. I got to do a live mix of my design/music to audience-worn headphones, because we couldn't get a permit in time. It was all strangely Beckett-ian. And we got some  good  reviews

The Hip Hop Cart is finally on the floor! Last October I led a team that created an exhibit for the Smithsonian's American History Museum. The exhibit - a rolling cart outfitted with Akai pad controllers - teaches kids about the ethics of sampling, lets them cut up some folk songs and mix them with some {sick} Bigbee beats, and provides some history of the technique. Today (July 8) I received word that the exhibit is now on the museum's floor, open to the public.

Word Dance Theater will present an evening of new work at Dance Place in DC this weekend, June 13 & 14. I scored a dance titled Sweet Yoke, which will be part of the evening. More info and tickets here

I'm so excited to announce that I'll be working on "District Merchants" at the Folger Theatre next season. The world premiere play is as a variation on Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice". Aaron Posner is writing the script. Michael Garces is directing.

I'm going to play a live set of my music at Sonic Circuits. It's one of my first forays into performing my music live, without an accompanying play or dance. Please come out and support me! July 11th, 7:30-11pm at the Pyramid Atlantic in Silver Spring

"Fail Better", the UMO Ensemble's take on Sam Beckett will perform at the New York Fringe festival in August. I'll be doing a live mix of my design with the troupe. 

I just finished the post-production sound design work on Jen Farrugia's short film "Forget Me Knot". Look for it in festivals this fall. 

I'll be designing Sarah Ruhl's "Stage Kiss" at Round House Theatre in December. Aaron Posner directs.

My premiere at Woolly Mammoth Theatre - "Lights Rise On Grace" - opens tonight in DC. I'm very proud of the work I did on this one. Everyone involved in the production turned in some amazing work. We turned out a stellar production of an amazing world premiere play. Directed by Michael John Garces. Written by Chad Beckim.

Word Dance Theatre is embarking on a massive new project, tentatively called "Faces Of Love." I've been meeting with Cynthia Word and Ingrid Zimmer since last summer, brainstorming ideas for the performance installation. The full installation will have its premiere in March, 2016 at Halcyon House in DC, "a launchpad and creative space for 21st Century problem-solvers." Sections of the work will be shown on June 13 and 14 at Dance Place. 

"Mary Kate Olsen Is In Love" is a weird play written by Mallery Avidon. It's getting its DC premiere on June 3rd in a production at the Studio Theatre. Holly Twyford directs. I'm creating a sound design and composing some music. 

First day of rehearsal for "Lights Rise On Grace" at Woolly Mammoth Theatre. I'm very excited to be on this design team, working with director and Woolly company member Michael John Garces. ​

"Veni Vidi Vici" at Signature Theater opens tonight. It's the annual Signature In The Schools show, and I made the sound design.

I helped my good friend Chris Petit out with some sounds and music for his production of Tom Stoppard's "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead". It opens tonight at Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA.

I put the final touches on an exhibit I built for the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History today. The interactive kiosk is called "When Is It Stealing? Hip Hop, Sampling, and Breaking The Law." A lot of great work by Andrea Jones, Tyler Tamburo, Zac Willis, Raquel Ra Brown, and Rebecca Bray went into it. Final presentation today, appearing at the museum on the National Mall very soon.

Since I lived in Seattle in the mid-90's, I have wanted to work with the UMO Ensemble. That dream is being realized this fall. I'm doing an interactive sound design and acting with them in a new piece inspired by Samuel Beckett's prose titled FAIL BETTER. It opens at ACT Theater in Seattle tonight.

I’m working with a group of supremely talented and hard-working folks on a production of Sex With Strangers at the Signature Theatre in DC. Aaron Posner, Holly Twyford, Luigi Sottile, JD Madsen, Katherine Fritz, Andrew Cissna. In previews now, runs till December 7. My design features a few pieces of my music. Listen to one of them here. Tickets and info.​

No Rules Theater Company opens “Seven Guitars” tonight. I made the sound design.​


DISTRICT MERCHANTS opens tomorrow at the Folger Shakespeare Theatre here in Washington, DC. The play is very very strong - everyone created some beautiful, complex stuff. It was a thrill to work with director Michael John Garces again. He really inspires and allows for exciting theater to happen. My contribution included sound design, recording, and mixing of the music. Don't miss this one! Tickets. More Info.  


Guillermo Calderón's astonishing play KISS received its U.S. premiere a few days ago at Woolly Mammoth Theater Company in Washington, DC. Yury Urnov's visionalry direction was aided and abetted by myself and an exciting creative team which included Misha Kachman, Kelly ColburnMax Doolittle, Tim Getman, Gabriella Fernandez Coffeey, Joe Mallon, and Shannon Dorsey. It is a very powerful show. More  than  one  critic has called it a slap in the face. Only 99 people get to see it each night through Nov. 6. Tickets


SENSE AND SENSIBILITY opened at the Folger on Monday and it is a fantastic show! Super fun and also heartbreaking and sweet and hilarious. Peter Marks gave it a ridiculously good review in the Washington Post today. I'm very proud to be a part of this team. Get tickets soon!


Choreographer Peter Kyle and I started making tiny dance films in 2006: very short (less than 4 minutes) and very small (320x240 pixels) bites of dance meant to be screened for one audience member at a time inside of a wooden, red velvet-clad view box. Peter is in Kiev now, on a Fullbright scholarship. He shot a tiny dance film there last Sunday. I scored it last week. You can listen to the soundtrack here, but you can only see this film (and its 11 kin) inside of a viewing box. Next screening is at the Dance on Camera Festival at Lincoln Center, February 3-7. 


Yesterday, the Brayver Concern had its first showing of a new sound art installation called FRAMING DEVICE. It was a huge success. Hundreds of people took the Framing Device Journey and experienced Linn Meyers's wraparound drawings on the walls of the Hirshhorn with a brand new point of view. The piece was part of the annual Sound Scene exhibition of sound art. WAMU's Ally Schweitzer interviewed us in advance of the festival and there was a nice preview in DCist. Have a listen to a selection from the piece below.


It's official! Chad Clark - he of Beauty Pill fame - and I are working together to create music and a sound design for Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company's next production: The Arsonists. I'm all aflutter with anticipation and glee! First rehearsal is Tuesday. Working with Chad is kind of a dream come true. The show opens Sept. 5. More about it is here.  


Taylor Mac's impeccable play HIR received its regional theatre premiere on Friday at Woolly Mammoth Theater Comapny. I was part of the design team which included Woolly company members Misha Kachman, Ivania Stack, and Colin K. Bills. (The same group I'll be designing with next fall). Shana Cooper directed. The play is deeply weird and Shana's direction is so so good. The play is very very sad and - after watching it about 10 times in a row - there were still lines at which I laughed out loud. 

Plays thru  June 18 in DC. Tickets and Info.

A piece of my music is featured:


Brighton Beach Memoirs opens tonight at Theater J in Washington, DC. I made the sound design for this production. It's very fun! One of Neil Simon's finest.

Tickets and more info here.


Tom Stoppard's latest play, The Hard Problem opened at Studio Theatre today. I made the sound design, working with my old friend Matt Torney. I transcribed one of Bach's suites for cello (the first and most recognizable, BWV 1007) for the production. Listen to it here. And go see the show!


Word Dance Theater presented their evening-length performance installation Chambers of the Heart at the Josephine Butler House in Washington, DC this past weekend. I contributed two pieces of music. Here's one of them. Fairouz Foty sings with my re-working of Carl Orff's "In Trutina from his "Carmina Burana" opera. 


Been quite a while since I posted here - Much has changed. The Arsonists at Woolly was a huge success. I moved away from DC to a dreamy hamlet called Leeds, within the town of Catskill, NY. I've spent the fall and winter shoring up the house we bought. I'm working with The Brayver Concern and Josh Knowles to develop a new art installation with Linn Meyers at Bowdoin College. Not yet named! Difficult to describe! Stay tuned!


I went to Berlin to attend Ableton's LOOP summit this weekend and learned a whole bunch from a tribe of rad folks.


THE MYSTERY OF LOVE AND SEX by Bathsheba Duran, directed by Stella Powell-Jones opened yesterday at Signature Theatre in Washington, DC. I made the sound designed and composed some music, really I re-interpreted and remixed some of Maurice Ravel's "Sonatine" songs. Have a listen below. Buy tickets here, through May 8.


FAIL BETTER - the UMO Ensemble's love letter to Sam Beckett - is playing in San Francisco's Fury Factory festival of ensemble and devised theater. June 16-19 at the Joe Goode Annex. Not many seats, not many performances. Get your tickets early!!


I just wrapped up a long process working on KING LEAR with my old friend and collaborator Chris Petit. Our production incorporated someone on stage manipulating sound and projections, lithe script (under 2 hours!), and non-trad casting. Public performances were given at Whitman College. Chris and I worked with a crack team: lights by Mike Inwood, sets by Akiko Nishijima, and costumes by Genevieve Beller. Have a listen to part of my design here: